La Chamba


     Chamba Imports supplies this beautiful handmade clay Chamba cookware, bakeware and serveware from the La Chamba region of Colombia to quality retail stores throughout the United States. By importing Chamba directly from Colombia in large quantities, we are able to offer our wholesale customers a variety of products at a good price.

     Chamba’s origins in Colombia can be traced back centuries. It is still made in the traditional manner, mostly by women in the village of La Chamba, in central Colombia. Each piece is shaped by hand and this painstaking process and natural materials give the dishes an authentic, distinctive and elegant look, yet they are safe to use (no glazes are used) and easy to care for. The mica found naturally in the clay allows Chamba cookware and bakeware to be used on the stovetop and in the oven or microwave. Hand washing is recommended. Read More


     We sell Chamba only to qualified retailers (see Ordering and Shipping). Other customers please contact these major authorized online retailers listed below. Or, to locate the store nearest you, please email us.

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