Our story goes back to 1996 when Santa Fe-based Chibcha Imports began importing Chamba cookware from Colombia, along with several other lines of crafts from that country.  They marketed their products through the New York Gift Show and other venues and over the years became the primary importer and distributor of Chamba in the U.S.


      In 2001 Nuestra Tierra, a Latin-themed art gallery in Half Moon Bay, California met the owners of Chibcha in the San Francisco Gift Show and placed an order for Chamba.  Soon Nuestra Tierra became Chibcha’s largest retail customer.   When in 2005 Chibcha approached Nuestra Tierra with an offer to sell the business, Nuestra Tierra agreed and began importing the product from Colombia and selling it on a wholesale basis to Chibcha’s extensive client list.


     In 2006, Charles Nelson, one of the owners of Nuestra Tierra, left the company and purchased the wholesale Chamba business from them.  He named the company Chamba Imports and has been selling Chamba under that name since then.

Our Story